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★ Advanced equipment

Hebei Zhongda Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. mainly produces various mechanical gears, sprockets, shafts, bevel gears, flanges and other mechanical transmission parts. The company has complete production equipment, stamping production lines, and modern testing equipment, including designing new products, product manufacturing, stamping processing and product assembly. The company has high requirements for product quality, mature production technology, and has its own design and manufacturing capabilities. The products produced on the production line have strict process card management and fixed management, which have won unanimous praise from users.

★ Strict inspection

"Win customers with service, develop with reputation, and survive with quality" is the company's consistent policy. Quality is the life of an enterprise. We pay close attention to product quality and strive to improve technology. Modern management is our endless pursuit. Our slogan is: "Forge ahead, revitalize the enterprise, be realistic and innovative, and strive for development." We sincerely welcome new and old Customers come to discuss business.

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