The gear manufacturer tells you the reason for the excessive vibration of the gear reducer

I believe you are not unfamiliar with gears, but how much do you know about gear reducers? Friends who want to know may wish to follow the editor to learn more. After the gear reducer is used for a period of time, there will be problems of this kind. If the gear reducer vibrates too much, we should pay attention to it at this time. What is the cause? Continue to understand: 1. Excessive bearing wear If the bearing is working for a long time, the bearing gap will be too large or unbalanced, which will cause the bearing to generate heat due to friction, which will directly damage the bearing. Sliding bearings are more prone to vibration, because the viscous effect of lubricating oil will cause the shaft to float, and this is also related to the weight of the bearing. If the weight of the bearing is larger, the wear will be faster. 2. The machine base has large vibration In some cases, excessive vibration of the frame may also have an impact. The vibration frequency of the frame can be said to be the speed of the gear reducer. It is possible that the design of the frame may cause an unstable state during operation. 3. The conveyor is out of adjustment When the calibration line between the motor and the driver in the gear reducer is not good, and vibration is prone to occur, adjust the calibration line and reinstall the connection between the driver and the motor, so that the rotation of the motor bearing can be stabilized. 4. Unbalance of rotor machinery The unbalance mentioned here refers to the unbalance of the rotor in a static state and the unbalance in the case of rotation. The rotor deviates from the shaft center and deflects under the action of centrifugal force to produce abnormal vibration. 5. Loose rotor parts Some parts of the motor rotor: commutator, magnetic poles, pulleys, etc. These loosening conditions will also occur after the reducer is used for a long time. Usually, when this happens, the rotor will have noise. These conditions should be dealt with as soon as possible because of time. It will become more and more troublesome as it grows. The above content is introduced here for everyone. Follow this website to continue to learn more about related knowledge.





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